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Table styling tips with our Cashmere Nocturne Dinnerware by Maxwell & Williams

The resurgence of art deco, characterised by monochromatic tones and metallic highlights, is shaping up to be a key trend in home décor in 2017. Our new season Cashmere Nocturne range, epitomises this trend.

Experiment with these elegant Nocturne patterns and give these simple yet effective styling tips a go when hosting your next dinner for two.

1. Less is always more!

Use strong monochromatic tones in contrast with subtle neutral colours to give a sophisticated feel to an intimate setting. Try experimenting with mixing and matching the different colour waves of Maxwell & Williams’ Nocturne tableware range and a soft linen tablecloth.

2. Silver isn’t the only colour for cutlery

Challenge the expected and play up the drama of your table setting with the new and bold Maxwell & Williams’ Elemental matte black cutlery range (available April 2017).

3. Personalise the moment

Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, a meal with close friends or a large extended family gathering, personalised place settings add an intimate feeling to your evening. Keep things simple and elegant with black matte card and add seasonal flora for a small pop of colour.

4. Everything doesn’t need to match

Bring an extra dimension to the sophistication of the table setting by playing around with contrasting colours and mixing patterns. Maxwell & Williams’ Nocturne tableware range is available in either black and gold or white and gold, so bring your table to life with a combination of the two colours in varying settings. Complete the look with our timeless Mansion Stemless Red Wine Glassware.

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