Design Inspiration with Claire Chilcott

Maxwell & Williams Creative Director Claire Chilcott shares the inspiration behind the new ranges in our Spring/Summer Collection.

Where does the process of creating a new season begin?

It all starts with looking for inspiration in current trends. We travel fairly regularly throughout the year to look to what is happening globally in homewares. Each country shines a unique light, has different tastes and helps open our minds to more options that we wouldn’t have otherwise considered. Then I decide on an overarching direction to take the upcoming season, and which colour palettes we will focus on. After which it becomes a collaborative effort between the buying and design teams to bring the new ranges to life.

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What do you then do with these influences? 

Once the team and I are confident that we’ve gathered enough inspiration, I create mood boards that determine the look and feel of the new season. It’s important that we always keep in mind how diverse our country can be. From the sunny beaches in Queensland to the lush countryside of Tasmania, catering to every household takes time and dedication. But I’m confident that we’ve created something special for each Australian home.

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How do you transition from concept to creation of the new ranges?

Once we’ve all agreed on the outlines of the upcoming season, it’s time to go to the makers and get involved with the development of the ranges. The process is as long as it is rewarding and there’s a lot of trial and error involved. It’s all about exhausting an idea until you get the very best of its possible application. But in the end, there’s no better feeling than holding a finished product after so much work has gone into it. I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished. This season is a true representation of something that’s both natural and luxurious.

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