Colour styling: Black is always back, 5 ways to use black on the tabletop

1. If you are into a monochromatic look, try layering dinnerware alternating between black and white pieces from the White Basics and Colour Basics collection – start with a black tablemat, layer with a large white plate, a black side plate, finishing with a white bowl and black napkin.

Passionfruit on black basics plate

2. Use shades of black, charcoal and grey to create a striking effect. Different textures and sets of dinnerware can create a dramatic juxtaposition while maintaining the dark colour scheme.

3. Add pops of colourlike red, orange or yellow from the Colour Basic range among all black dinnerware with floral arrangements, napkins and servingware for a more casual feeling event.

black basis plate, mug and side plate

4. Ensure that food stands out on black plates by creating a menu that features light, bright and white elements.

5. If all black seems to dark, use a large black dinner plate as a base plate under a smaller white dinner plate to create layers, interest and texture to your table.

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